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Hello Readers,

Welcome to the Little Black Cat Fashion Blog. We will be posting about the latest trends from the catwalk and helping you create a similar look for your own catwalk. We give you the advice and the tips on what to look out for so when you go shopping you can adapt to your taste and budget.

My name is Nicky P. I have not always been into fashion, I started to fall in love with this world in my late teens and that passion for fashion has grown and grown.

All my experience with fashion is from the real world. Checking out clothes in retail stores, online and fashion magazines. I have no allegiance to any fashion house, retail chain or magazine.

I am a firm believer in if you don't like it don't wear it. Just because a certain colour, shape or cut is on trend doesn't mean you have to wear it. Which is why our moto is 'Walk your own Catwalk but let us be your inpiration'. We want to inspire your clothing choices not tell you what to buy.

Now that you know what we're about its time for you to explore the site. We always love to here your opinion on our posts (Please no trolling), so please leave comments on our posts. Don't forgive to like our posts and subscribe to our site for all the latest updates.

Nicky P. xxxx

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